Xero inventory management

Automatically syncs your purchases, inventory adjustments and multi channel sales to Xero. 

I have been using S&B integration with Xero for a few months now. It has been absolutely fantastic as I do not need to worry about manually clearing sales and purchases within Xero, it does it all for me. Tahar is an absolute dream to work with, amazing support anytime if the day!
I highly, highly recommend S&B with Xero!
Kate H.

Xero Inventory Management

Automatically exports orders and stock movements into your Xero accounting software

Stock On Hand

Your inventory asset valuation is kept up to date by automatically tracking your inventory cost and cost of goods and syncing closed purchase and sale orders with your Stock On Hand ledger on a daily basis. 

Cost of Goods Sold

Your cost of goods sold (COGS) is kept up to date by automatically calculating and syncing each and every fulfilled sale order. Both the stock on hand and COGS ledger accounts are kept in sync as goods are shipped out to your customers. 

Invoices, Refunds, Payments and Contacts

Every sale order and related documents such as payments and refunds are automatically exported respectively as an invoice, payment and credit note to Xero. The sync is automatic and occurs every 5 minutes

Bills and suppliers

Every purchase order and its corresponding supplier are automatically exported respectively as a bill and contact to Xero. The sync is automatic and occurs every 5 minutes. 

Certified By Xero

Stock&Buy has been a certified Xero Add-On Partner for over two years. Our integration has been reviewed and the flow validated and certified by an expert Xero Team. 

Xero is world-leading online accounting software built for small business.

I have been working with Stock & Buy inventory program, shopify POS and Xero accounting -fantastic integration between all 3, which is vital given that I am a small business and do not have any extra time for double entries. The integration to date has been seamless. Tahar from Stock and Buy has also been a vital support person -to date all requests have been provided, and all questions answered almost immediately. I highly recommend this integration for any small business.
Sarah B.

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