Xero Inventory Management

Automatically sync your purchases, inventory adjustments and multi channel sales to Xero


I have been working with Stock & Buy, shopify POS and Xero. fantastic integration between all 3, which is vital given that I am a small business and do not have any extra time for double entries. The integration to date has been seamless… I highly recommend this integration for any small business.

Sarah, Sarzastore

Boost Xero’s basic inventory management


Your product details are automatically synced to your connected Shopify stores as they get changed.

Credit Notes

Automatically computes your product true landed cost including shipping & freight


Group SKUs into combinations and multi-packs and sell grouped items without tying up stock in pre-packed kits.

Stock On Hand

Purchasing and selling goods in multiple currencies? We help you manage your inventory and orders in more than 200 currencies.

Cost Of Goods Sold

Automated cost tracking using the moving average method gives you accurate insights into your business profit and loss

Tracking Categories

Use tracking categories to see how different areas of your business are performing (such as departments, cost centers, or locations).

Smart Sync Rules

Sales Sync Rules

Setup sale sync rules to route different invoice and credit note items to different ledger accounts and/or different tracking categories

Payments Sync Rules

Setup payment sync rules to organize your payments from different gateways to separate payment accounts


We use this for – easy COGS tracking – Asset value for our P&L – tracking Purchase Orders and their deliveries…- Xero integration for POs, stock values, refunds and sales invoices – Shopify integration for stock figures – including managing end of line products and pre-orders

JP, Timberstyle


We have been using Stock&Buy to help with the running of 10+ Shopify sites including both made to order, and stock inventory. Our main goal was to allow staff, in different locations, to always have correct stock on hand figures. However, the integration with Xero also cut down administration.

Elle, Brand Addiction NZ

Xero Partner since 2017

Stock&Buy has been a certified Xero Add-On Partner since 2017. Our integration has been reviewed and the flow validated and certified by an expert Xero Team.
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