Untracked products

This article covers untracked products within Stock&Buy.

Stock&Buy is designed for raw materials, finished goods and services, virtual items, or physical goods of untracked quantity.

Untrack a newly created product

To create an untracked product, follow the same steps you would perform to create a normal product.

While in the product page, under the Inventory section, set the “Inventory policy” to Don’t track inventory

When dealing with a variable product, the Inventory policy settings is available under each variant details accessible by:

  1. Open the product details page
  2. Navigate to the variant to edit
  3. Click on the variant name
  4. The Inventory policy setting is available under the Stock location tab

When you set a product’s inventory’s policy to “Don’t track inventory”, Stock&Buy will stop tracking allocated stock for the product. The moving average cost (MAC)is also no longer managed for this product. This will have an impact on your sales reports. Do consider clearly if you wish to hide stock levels or to stop tracking stock and sales. If you wish to hide stock levels on your sales channels (such as Shopify) only, we suggest you try to do so on your sales channels directly.

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