Transfer inventory across locations

This article covers stock transfers across locations within Stock&Buy.

The stock transfer functionality goes hand in hand with the multi-location inventory support in Stock&Buy. 

Create a stock transfer

Follow the steps below to create a stock transfer:

  1. Go to the Stock Control page within your Stock&Buy account
  2. On the right hand side bar, click Create Stock Transfer
  3. Complete the stock transfer as described below

Set a source and destination location

The Stock transfer page helps you move inventory from one location (the source) to another (the destination).

The Transfer from location is the source of the inventory transfer. The Receiving location is the destination location for the transfer.


Add products to the transfer

To add products to the stock transfer, follow these steps:

  1. Click on New stock transfer line
  2. A new line item is added to the transfer
  3. Enter a product name, SKU or barcode in the product name field
  4. Enter the total quantity you would like to move
  5. Click Save

At this stage, the stock transfer is a draft state and has no impact on your stock levels.

Click Receive to execute the transfer and move the selected products from the source location to their new destination.

  • The stock transfer create inventory transactions only. No accounting transactions are created as a result of stock transfer
  • Stock level updates will automatically propagate to your connected sale channels such as Shopify stores…

Although not necessary, we highly recommend you enter a comment into the transfer page to describe the reason of the inventory movement. 

Manual stock transfers

Another way to transfer stock between locations is to edit the product quantities directly from the product details page. This feature is suitable for transferring your products, one at a time.

  1. Navigate to the product you would like to create a transfer for
  2. Open the product details 
  3. Click on the total stock input or the variant name (if your product is variable)
  4. Change your stock levels 


This operation will result in two adjustments. The first one removes stock from your source location, the second adjustment adds the stock to the destination location. 


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