Split payments to different ledger accounts

This article covers splitting of sales data into different Xero ledger accounts.

The Xero Integration setup guide outlines the various steps to follow in order to get going with Xero. It covers the basic default settings such as sales, payment and purchase ledger account settings. Those default settings can be augmented to sync payments and sales to different accounts depending on tax rates, payment gateways and so on. The following article outlines the steps to follow to sync your payment data to different Xero accounts.

Add a payment sync rule

Follow the steps below to add a payment sync rule to your Xero integration.

  1. Under Integrations
  2. Click View Settings under the Xero integration tile
  3. Under Payment accounts section, click Add Payment Sync Rule


The table below outlines the payment sync rules supported as of today:

Sync rule name (condition) How it works
Payment gateway name

Sync payments into different ledger accounts depending on the payment’s gateway information. The payment gateways shown by Stock&Buy are those we are aware of up present time. Please do let us know if your gateway name does not appear in the list.

Payment from store Sync payments into different ledger accounts depending on the online store it originated from. This rule is commonly used to split out payments originating from different Shopify stores.



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