Split cost of goods to different ledger accounts

The Xero Integration setup guide outlines the various steps to follow in order to get going with Xero. It covers the basic default settings such as sales, payment, and purchase ledger account settings. Those default settings can be augmented to sync payments, sales, purchases, and the cost of goods sold to different accounts and different tracking categories depending on certain rules. The following article outlines the steps to follow to sync your cost of goods sold to different Xero accounts and tracking categories.

Add a COGS sync rule

Follow the steps below to add a cost of goods sold sync rule to your Xero integration.

  1. Under Integrations
  2. Click View Settings under the Xero integration tile
  3. Under Cost Of Goods Sold section, click Add Sync Rule

The COGS rule allows you to sync your cost of goods sold data into different ledger accounts and tracking categories depending on the order store (example: Shopify store) or order tag. 

In the example screenshot above, orders containing the tag “West Side” will be synced to ledger account 810 in Xero with a “Region-North” tracking category.

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