Sales By Variant report

This article covers the sales by variant report within Stock&Buy.

The Sales by product variant report shows the breakdown of gross sales, excluding shipping and other landed cost, of your products on a more granular level, namely at the variant level.

Shipping isn’t included because an order can consist of several products, but has a single shipping charge. For reporting purposes, the shipping charge can’t be apportioned between the products in the order.

The sales by variant report has the following columns:

ProductThe product name
VariantThe variant name
SKUThe Stock Keeping Unit of the variantion
Orders CountTotal number of orders the variation is sold in. Click on the total count to get a list of all the recorded orders.
Units CountThe total number of units sold. The units count is calculated as total units sold / total units returned. The report date range is calculated from the selected date range filter.
Gross SalesThe total sum of all order line items related to the product. Gross sales are calculated as product price x quantity (before taxes, shipping, discounts, and returns). Allocated, Invoiced and Shipped orders are included.
DiscountsThe total sum of discounts at all order line items related to the product. All discounts are applied before taxes
ReturnsThe total value of goods returned by a customer.
Net SalesEquates to gross sales – discounts – returns
TaxThe total amount of taxes based on the orders.
COGSThe total sum of the Cost Of Goods Sold. Equates to the product moving average cost at the time the order is recorded * quantity

As of today, you can filter the sales by variant report by date and product brand name.

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