Running a Stock Take

This article details the process of running a stock take.

Stock-taking is the physical verification of the quantities and condition of items held in an inventory or warehouse. This may be done to provide an audit of existing stock or to update online sale channels with the correct inventory levels to ensure customers do not order items which aren’t available. Stock-taking may be performed as an intensive annual, end of fiscal year, procedure or may be done continuously by means of a cycle count.

How to do a stock take within Stock&Buy

The stock taking procedure is comprised of three steps:

  1. Download the location inventory for which you want to run a stock take
  2. Change the downloaded file to reflect your physical inventory changes
  3. Upload the file back

Download location inventory

Stock taking in Stock&Buy is performed for each location separately. To download your location inventory, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Stock Control page
  2. On right hand side of the screen click on the Run a stock take button
  3. A wizard will pop up. Select the location for which you want to run a stock take.
  4. Click on Export my location inventory.
  5. Your stock take file should automatically download.

Perform changes to the CSV file

The downloaded file has the following format:

Column name Description

The product variant ID. This is a mandatory field which cannot be be omitted.

Note: This is mandatory column, please do not remove it.


Your product name.

Note: This field is read only. Changing the product name will have no effect.

SKU Stock Keeping Unit for each variant.
SupplierSku Your supplier Stock Keeping Unit for each variant.
Weight The product variant weight 
Cost The MAC / initial cost for a single unit for this variant. You don’t need to update this, it is here just for your reference
PurchasePrice The price you pay for your products (per unit)
Quantity This is the current inventory that Stock&Buy knows about.
WholesalePrice The product variant whole sale price (in your base currency) – Ignore this column if you are not using the wholesale price list
WholesaleComparePrice The product variant whole sale compare price (in your base currency) – Ignore this column if you are not using the wholesale price list
RetailPrice The product variant retail price (in your base currency)
RetailComparePrice The product variant retail compare price (in your base currency)
Tags The product tags
ProductType The product type
Barcode The product variant barcode

Determines whether the product variant is a bundle or not. 

Note: This field is read only. Changing this property has no effect.


We highly recommend you change your CSV file using Google Sheets. Changing the downloaded file in Excel, Numbers or other spreadsheet software can have unexpected effects and in some situations might result in data corruption / loss. Check out the following article for a few tips and tricks in dealing with CSV files.

Upload the modified CSV file back

Once you are done with the previous step, you can upload the CSV file back to Stock&Buy for the changes to take effect.

  1. Open the stock take wizard 
  2. Click Next
  3. Click Next to skip the screen offering to download your inventory. This task has already been performed above.
  4. Upload the file
  5. Click on Refresh inventory

Stock&Buy will automatically create stock adjustments to record the stock take changes. Adjusted stock levels and other changes will automatically sync to your connected stores such as Shopify if you have any.

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