Run reports on your products, sales and contacts. Track cost of goods sold and improve your inventory management by having insights into your stock movement.


This app is one of the best investments ever! Our inventory problems have been solved. 90% of our products are bundles/composites and Stock & Buy works perfect with these type of products. Support is awesome!

Tatiana, Unelefante

Better Decision Making

Make informed decisions based on accurate insights whenever and wherever, all in real time

Stock On Hand

See the current stock levels you have on hand, the amount of stock committed to sales orders, and the stock that’s available.

Low Stock

Manage your stock and backorders with the reorder report. See all variants that have fallen below the reorder point and variants with negative stock.

Incoming Stock

Get an overview of what you’ll receive from your current purchase orders. Filter these by supplier, variant, date range, and location.

Stock Margins

Get a detailed overview of your inventory with a list of all products and variants that you have in stock, as well as their potential profit

Transactions History

A historical view that shows all transactions related to your products and variants, when and who performed the change

Bundles & Kits

Get a detailed overview of your inventory with a list of all bundles and their components

Sales Margins

See your daily, weekly or monthly sales reports, showing sales value, sales volume, costs, profits and profit margins.

Sales By Product

See each product / variant generated Sales Volume, Sales Value, COGS, Number of Orders, Average Sales, Average Profit and Projected Profit.

Order and Returns

Get a detailed overview of your refunds showing the refund total and the refund reason


… saved us an immense amount of time, effort and stress in managing e-commerce. Keep up the good work guys! we look forward to being a customer for the long term 🙂

JP, Timberstyle

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