Publish products to Shopify

This article covers the process of publishing products from Stock&Buy to Shopify.

You can publish Stock&Buy products to Shopify. With this feature, you can manage early product life cycle in Stock&Buy and push products to Shopify when you’re ready to merchandise. This feature is also useful when setting up and populating new Shopify stores.

To publish products to Shopify:

  1. Login to Stock&Buy
  2. Go to the Inventory listing page
  3. Select the products you would like to publish
  4. A Bulk Actions button will appear at the top
  5. Click on Publish selected products
  6. Choose the Shopify store where you would like the products to be published to

The publish operation might take a while to complete depending on the number of selected products. You can watch the sync operation status in the activity feed.

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