Product and Variant details

This article covers the details each product can have within Stock&Buy.

Product properties

The table below outlines the various product properties supported within Stock&Buy.

Property name Description Example input
Product name Name of the product ADIDAS – SUPERSTAR 80S
Description Description of the product There’s a shell toe for every season, and the adidas Originals Superstar 80s shoes have a full grain leather upper
Brand Brand of the product ADIDAS
Supplier Main supplier for this product – useful for automated purchase order creation  
Default Tax Default tax rate – useful for manual sale order creation within Stock&Buy Sales Tax (25%)
Images Images of the product  
Tags Tags of the product. Useful for searching and filtering on specific product tags Adidas, Autumn, Men
Product Type Type / Kind of the product Shoes


Products can either be simple or variable.  For example, suppose that you sell T-shirts with two options: size and color. The size option has three values: small, medium, and large. The color option has two values: blue and green. One specific variant from these options is a small, blue T-shirt. 

Product Variant properties

Product variants have the following properties:

Property name Description Example input
In stock Inventory count in stock (on your shelves or warehouse) 10
Allocated Allocated stock 7
Available stock Available stock ADIDAS
MAC Moving average cost for this variant 9.56
SKU Stock Keeping Unit AD-01-white-5
Purchase price The latest known purchase price used to acquire this variant from your supplier 4.0
Retail price The price that you’re charging for the product (in your base currency) 89
Wholesale price

The price that you’re charging for the product (in your base currency)

A secondary pricing list which can be used for wholesale businesses or multiple sale channels selling at different price levels.

Retail Compare price The original retail price for a product that is on sale 6
Wholesale Compare price The original Wholesale price for a product that is on sale 7
Alert level Level below which the system will report the variant as being low on stock  
Supplier SKU Supplier part number. Useful when creating purchase orders  
Barcode Barcode if applicable  
Weight Weight of the variant  


Simple products will exhibit the properties below in a suite of input elements. Variable products in the other hand will display the properties below in a tabular format.

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