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I have been using Stock&Buy since late August 2016 and I am a paying customer that utilizes the integration with Shopify to Stock&Buy to Xero... What I trialed: Trade Gecko Cin7 Deer Inventory... the value and service is insanely good. The number of integrations and ease of use is something I haven’t found even for triple their price.
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per month, billed annually 

$40 billed monthly

100 SKUs

1 User

Unlimited Orders

Limited User Management

Limited Support



per month, billed annually 

$80 billed monthly

Up to 1000 SKUs

Up to 10 Users

Unlimited Orders

Advanced User Management

Priority Support

Bundles / Kits

1 Free Integration



per month, billed annually 

$140 billed monthly

Unlimited SKUs

Unlimited User

Unlimited Orders

Advanced User Management

Priority Support

Bundles / Kits

3 Free Integrations

Document Customization 

Advanced Analytics


Pricing FAQ

Do you need my credit card details during the free trial?

Nope, no credit card is required to start a trial, just register and get started straight away. If you like what you see, you can subscribe to any of our plans at any stage later on. Ping our support team if you have questions

Which plan should I choose?

The plan you choose depends on what growth stage your business is at, and what exactly you need an inventory management software for. To figure that out, get in touch with us and we will organize a personal product demo

How does the free trial work?

On the 14 day trial you have access to all the features we offer. Use this time to determine which features are useful for your business now and which features you foresee using 3 to 6 months down the road as your business grows. Let us know if the 14 days are not enough for you to decide

What should I do during the trial?

The free trial is a commitment-free time period to explore Stock&Buy. To make the most out of the trial be sure to import your products into Stock&Buy either via CSV or by integrating an online sales channel such as Shopify. If you need help during your trial period, feel free to reach out

Can I get a discount?

Absolutely! Choose annual billing and you’ll get up to 20% off our monthly prices. For example, if you choose annual billing on our Enterprise plan you pay an upfront fee of $110 for each of the 12 months. If you choose monthly billing, you would pay $140 per month. So in this case, you would save $360 a year!

How much would it cost to onboard my business?

The onboarding process is free of charge. Get in touch and we will schedule a demo to discuss the challenges you are facing with your business today. This will greatly help us figure out if Stock&Buy is the right inventory management solution for you.

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