Powerful Stock Control

Automatic stock level updates whenever sales and purchases are made. We help you manage your inventory across multiple warehouses, and in multiple currencies.


…We needed to centralise our inventory as we simply could not keep up anymore. So glad we stumbled across Stock & Buy… After trailing the app it did exactly that and even opened up a pandora’s box of other features that we are now utilising and saving us even more time

Jonathan, Mosmanninternational

Save time and effort

Prepare digital purchase orders quickly using inventory items and email them directly to your suppliers from anywhere. Stock&Buy is online, so you can keep the orders flowing while you’re on the go.

Multi Currency

Create purchases in over 200 currencies with automated or custom exchange rates.

Cost Tracking

Add extra costs to your orders to accurately track your cost prices across all your inventory

Communicate quickly

Create, edit and email your purchase orders with one single click

Freight Tracking

Track freight costs related to to your orders to accurately track your cost prices across all your inventory


Automatically track your purchases on your favorite accounting software

Approval Process

Make sure the responsible approves the purchase or not and justify the decision.

Lead Time

Accurately track your lead time for each product and supplier

Customized Templates

Print and email your orders to your suppliers using fully customizable templates


Flexible purchase order management. Split your purchases to back orders


… saved us an immense amount of time, effort and stress in managing e-commerce. Keep up the good work guys! we look forward to being a customer for the long term 🙂

JP, Timberstyle

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