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Whether you have a brick & mortar or an online business, Stock&Buy helps you manage your inventory, orders, customers and suppliers in one place. 

We use this for – easy COGS tracking – Asset value for our P&L – tracking Purchase Orders and their deliveries – accurate forecasting – seamless Refunds and Re-stocking – Low stock and forecast reporting for accurate future POs – Xero integration for POs, stock values, refunds and sales invoices – Shopify integration for stock figures – including managing end of line products and pre-orders.
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Purchase Orders

Purchase orders automatically update your inventory levels when fully received. Track all your purchases from one place.

Draft Purchases

Purchase orders remain in Draft state and have no impact on inventory levels until approved.

Asset valuation

Each product and its variation has a moving average cost which is automatically updated when new stock is received.

Sale Orders

Sales orders automatically update your inventory levels including the products and variations stock on hand when shipped.

Sale Quotes

Your sales orders are saved as Quotes until your decide to execute the orders and allocate their quantities.


Generate, print and email detailed tax invoices for your sales orders in a single click.


Record payment for your sale orders in a single click. You will automatically be notified when a payment is due.


Track your sales orders fulfillment including a large set of attributes such as a carrier name, tracking ID and custom notes

Packing Slips

Automatically generate a detailed packing slip that contains all your need to get your sales orders to destination.

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