Order Management

All your orders, inventory and customer data synced and fully integrated on one system. Manage invoices, shipments and payments in multiple locations and currencies


This app is one of the best investments ever! Our inventory problems have been solved. 90% of our products are bundles/composites and Stock & Buy works perfect with these type of products. Support is awesome!

Tatiana, Unelefante

No more spreadsheets

Manage your sale orders across multiple warehouses and sale channels. Move away from spreadsheets and digitize your process of ordering, managing raw materials and storing your goods and assets inventory.

Multi Currency

Create sales in over 200 currencies with automated or custom exchange rates.

Cost Tracking

keep track of your expenses and overhead so you know your sales net revenue.

Communicate quickly

Create, edit and email your sale orders with one single click

Freight Tracking

Track freight costs related to to your orders to accurately track your cost prices across all your inventory


Automatically track your sales and returns on your favorite accounting software

All in one place

Bring sales from all your sales channels into one central system

Committed stock

Track goods present in your warehouse that are reserved to open sale orders.

Customized Templates

Print and email your orders to your customers using fully customized templates


Track goods ordered by your customer even when you are out of stock


… saved us an immense amount of time, effort and stress in managing e-commerce. Keep up the good work guys! we look forward to being a customer for the long term 🙂

JP, Timberstyle

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