Multi location inventory management

This article covers inventory management across multiple locations within Stock&Buy.

By default, Stock&Buy manages inventory from one single pool. While single location based inventory management fits most businesses, it quickly becomes indispensable when you scale out.

To track and allocate inventory across multiple pools of stock, add inventory locations:

Add Inventory locations

Follow the steps below to add new locations to your account:

  1. Go to your Account settings
  2. Click on the Warehouses tile
  3. Click Add a warehouse location tile
  4. Enter your warehouse information
  5. Click Save and Close

This operation might take a few moments as the system will create location bins for all inventory items. 

Delete Inventory Locations

To delete an inventory location:

  1. Go to your Account settings
  2. Click on the Warehouses tile
  3. Click on the warehouse you would like to delete
  4. Click Delete location
  5. A dialog will pop up. Click on Delete

Make sure all remaining stock in the location to be deleted is transferred to another inventory location.

The system will automatically execute the following actions when a location is deleted:

  • If the deleted location is mapped to a sale channel (such as Shopify) then the mapping is removed.
  • All orders (sales and purchases) and adjustments pointing to the location to deleted will be modified and their locations reset.

We highly recommend you use the inventory on hand to review the stock levels at the location to delete prior to performing the delete operation.

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