Managing your partners

As the primary account owner, you can invite your partners (designer, Shopify guru, accountant…) into your Stock&Buy account.

Once invited, individual your partner will be able to log in to the system and help you run your daily inventory and order management operations.

Invite a partner

To invite a partner to your Stock&Buy account:

  1. Login to your Stock&Buy account
  2. Go to the Users page
  3. Click Invite Partner located in the top right corner of the page
  4. Enter your partner Email address
  5. Click Send Invitation
  6. Click Close

Once invited, your partner will receive an email with an invitation link to join your organization. Once the invitation accepted, your partner will show up as team members under the Users page.

Assign permissions

Assigning permissions to your partner isn’t possible at the moment. Do let us know if this is a major issue for you. We will be more than happy to look into it and improve the partner experience.

Revoke a partner access

Just like staff members, partners can permanently delete their account from your account. You can also delete partners if you are an account owner. This action cannot be undone.

To revoke a partner from your account:

  1. Login to your Stock&Buy account
  2. Go to the Users page
  3. Click on the tile corresponding to the user you would like to edit
  4. Click Delete user.

Access other organizations

This section applies to partners with more than one client using Stock&Buy.

Unlike team members, a partner can access more than one account in Stock&Buy. This is given the partner has previously been invited following the instructions above.

To switch from one organization to another:

  1. Login to your Stock&Buy account
  2. Go to the Account settings page
  3. Click on Profile and Organization
  4. On the Organization Information tile, click on Switch Organization
  5. You will see organizations you have access to in the dropdown
  6. Click on any organization to switch to it

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