Incoming Stock report

This article covers the incoming stock report within Stock&Buy.

The Incoming Stock report shows the details of all purchase orders at the order line item level. The report excludes shipping and other landed cost order line items.

The Incoming Stock report has the following columns:

Product variantThe product variant name
Created onThe date and time (in UTC) the order line was created.
Received onThe date and time (in UTC) the order line was received.
Note: A yellow triangle is displayed for order line items which are not received yet.
Purchase OrderCorresponding purchase order. Click on the purchase order number to open the detailed view of the order
QuantityQuantity ordered
PriceThe purchase price (in your base currency)
Discount (%)The discount level for this order line item
SupplierSupplier for which the purchase order is issued to

This report shows data at the order line level and does not aggregate information for each product variant. As a result, a product variant can appear as many times as there are order line items where the variant is purchased.

This report can be filtered by:

  1. Purchase order status: this can be one of the following values: Draft, Approved, Partially received and Received. You can learn more about purchase order statuses here
  2. Purchase order creation time (in UTC)

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