Historic Inventory

This article covers historic inventory within Stock&Buy.

Historic inventory allows you to get an accurate picture of your inventory data at given points in time.
Depending on your billing plan, Stock&Buy automatically exports your inventory data. The exported format is similar to that used in the the stock take functionality.

Enterprise plan: historic inventory runs on a daily basis.
Established plan: historic inventory runs every Sunday
Basic plan: historic inventory is disabled

To download a historic inventory report:

  1. Login to your Stock&Buy account
  2. Go to the Inventory page
  3. On the right-hand side of the page, click Historic Inventory
  4. The Historic Inventory dialog opens. It lists the inventory snapshots along with the date when the snapshots were taken
  5. Click on the location for which you wish to retrieve the historic inventory for

Check out the inventory transactions report if you are after all transactions recorded over time.

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