Getting Started

Products are the goods, digital downloads and services that you sell. You view, add, update, and organize your products from the invenory details page. You add a product in Stock&Buy by entering product details and uploading product images. If your product has options, like size or color, then you can

Product details

The details you provide for a product affect the way the product appears to customers, make it easier for you to organize your products, and help customers find the product. You don’t have to provide every detail for each product. For products that don’t have any variants, the Pricing, Inventory,

Product variants

You add variants to a product that comes in more than one option, such as size or color. Each combination of options for a product is a variant for that product. For example, suppose that you sell T-shirts with two options: size and color. The size option has three values:

Adding and updating products

You can add or update information about a product such as its price, variants, and availability from the Inventory page. Add a new product To add a new product: Go to the Inventory page Click “+ Create Product” or “+” button at the top right corner Enter a title and