Award winning Inventory Management Software

Our online Inventory and Order management software platform, has recently been reviewed by, a group of independent experts, who awarded Stock&Buy Quality Badges for Inventory Management Software from Popular Platform for Software Reviews

FinancesOnline, one of the most popular platforms for reviews on business software solutions, has recently recognized Stock&Buy for passing its quality standards.

For providing an outstanding user experience, Stock&Buy was distinguished with the Great User Experience award for 2018 under FinancesOnline’s 12 most popular inventory management software category. This award was given due to our powerful inventory management platform’s capability to unify and streamline all essential processes of online businesses and brick & mortar stores.

In the Stock&Buy overview prepared by FinancesOnline, their experts praised our “rich set of functionalities” for controlling one’s entire inventory, “powerful sorting and searching” tool, prompt inventory alerts, and clear reports and forecasts. They also highlighted the software’s intuitive user interface, automated inventory level tracking, and multi-store management on Shopify.

Meanwhile, for resonating well with customers and maintaining a reputable brand image, Stock&Buy was also conferred with the Rising Star award for 2018. FinancesOnline reserves this industry award to the types of inventory management systems that clients consider are effective and reliable for solving the day-to-day problems they face.

A big thank you to FinancesOnline and all our customers for believing in Stock&Buy. If you would like to share your experiences with our inventory management system, please visit FinancesOnline and leave a user review.

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