Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Stock&Buy! Below are answers to questions you might have

Is Stock&Buy suitable for my business?

eCommerce business

Stock&Buy lets you connect multiple sales channels to one master inventory that adjusts automatically according to sales, purchases, adjustments and create sales reports across all channels for comparison.

Manufacturing / BOM business

Yes, absolutely. Stock&Buy has basic BOM (Bill Of Materials) support through our bundles functionality. Production workflows are however not supported yet. 

Retail business

Stock&Buy helps you sell online to B2C customers through eCommerce integrations such as Shopify! Make sure to check out our Add-Ons Page.

Stock&Buy is also suitable for physical retail businesses and those using Shopify POS with some limitations.

Wholesale business

Stock&Buy is well suited for wholesale businesses with support for bundling (BOM), mutli-location management and a wholesale price list. Customers are classified into retail / wholesale categories allowing you to automatically populate your sale orders with the associated price list and / or discount 

My suppliers are overseas

Our multiple warehouse, tax types and advanced multi-currency support help you sell internationally and issue purchase orders for your overseas suppliers operating in different currencies.

Consignment support

Yes. Because we allow for multiple locations, you can assign stocks to each location you sell to on consignment. We have quite a number of customers using Stock&Buy to handle their consignment sales.