Export line items to a sales or purchase order

This article covers exporting of sale or purchase order line items within Stock&Buy.

Stock&Buy allows you to export a sale or purchase order line items into a CSV file.

To export line items to of a given sale or purchase order:

  1. Navigate to the Sales page (or the Stock Control if you would like to import items to a purchase order)
  2. Open the order details
  3. Click on Import / Export drop down menu and select Export line items to CSV
  4. A file will automatically download

The order line items CSV file has the following columns:

LineType The line item type, supported values are:

  • Line Item: Order line item
  • Landed Cost: Landed cost item a.k.a custom line such as shipping and handling.
Description Line item description
SKU The product SKU. This property is used to lookup and match products when a file is uploaded
SupplierSKU Optional: The product supplier SKU
Barcode The product barcode. This property is used to lookup and match products
Quantity The line item quantity
Discount The line item discount
Price The line item price. 

Note: The line item price is in the order currency. 

Tax The line item tax percentage.  


The procedure described above applies to both sale and purchase orders. Similarly, you can import sale or purchase line items from a CSV file. Here’s a handy guide for your reference.

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