Create Purchase Order from Sales Order

In addition to being able to create an individual Purchase Order from a single Sales Order, Stock&Buy also allows you to create Purchase Orders from more than one Sales Order. This allows the user to create Purchase Orders in batch and potentially avoid sending a vendor multiple Purchase Orders from the same day’s sales activity.

Create Purchase Order(s) from Sales Order(s)

To create multiple Purchase Orders from multiple Sales Orders:

  1. Login to your Stock&Buy account
  2. Navigate to Sales page
  3. Select the sale orders you would like to create purchase orders for
  4. At the top right corner of the page, click on Bulk Actions then Create Purchase Orders

You can convert a maximum of 30 sale orders to purchase orders at a time.

The process of converting multiple sale orders into purchase orders automatically sorts out the products you need to order into different purchase orders (by looking up each product’s assigned supplier). Products that do not have a supplier assigned will be grouped into one purchase order.

Order relationships:

In order to help you navigate between orders, the system automatically creates links between the sale orders and the auto-generated purchase orders. This will help you easily find out which sale orders to fulfill when you receive your purchase orders. You can view the order relationships under the “Related Orders” of the Order details page:

The related orders links are bi-directional. They are visible both in the purchase order screen and the corresponding sale orders.

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