Create Bundles in Bulk

This article covers bundle bulk creation within Stock&Buy. 

The Bundles, Kits and Composite variants covers details the steps you need to create bundled products one at a time. This article is about creating as many bundles as you like in one go via a CSV file.

To create bundles in bulk, please follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your Stock&Buy account
  2. Go to the Inventory page
  3. On the right hand side of the page, click on Import Bundles
  4. Follow the on screen instructions
    1. Download the CSV file template file
    2. Design your bundles as outlined below
    3. Upload the final file
    4. Refresh the page

Design your bundles in a CSV file

Once filled out, the bundles CSV template file will look like the following: 

Product One
This product has two Bundles (aka kits aka composite variants). The first one is BSKU1, and the second one Is BSKU2. Those Bundles will have two options: Color and Size

Product Two
This product has one Bundle, with no options (there are no values under the Option name and Value columns)

This is a Bundle composed of three product variants (SKUs) which are:

  • SKU1 : 2 units are used to build bundle BSKU1
  • SKU2 : 2 units are used to build bundle BSKU1
  • SKU3 : 2 units are used to build bundle BSKU1

SKU1, SKU2, SKU3, SKU4, SKU5 and SKU6 are all referring to product variants which already exist in Stock&Buy.

This is also a bundle very similar to BSKU1 described above.

This is a simple Bundle (i.e no options)

Once the import operation is complete, the following products will automatically be created:

  • Product One: has two bundle variations
  • Product Two: has one single bundle variation


How should I choose Bundle options?

For simple products, like shirts or shoes, options are simple to figure out. These can be Color, Size, Fabric etc…

When it comes to naming options for bundles, things become a little bit more complex as you are composing different parts to make a final new product. The best way to figure out option names for bundled products is to put yourself in the shoes of your customer and think of a naming that helps figure out what the product is all about.  

Let’s take a simple example:

You want to sell a bundle composed of 2 pairs of socks and 1 pair of shoes (and for this example, we assume we only have one color for both).

  • Socks come in different sizes: 35, 36, 37, 38
  • Shoes come in different sizes 35, 36, 37, 38

How should we name this so that the final customer doesn’t get confused? There are a few naming alternatives one can think of: 

  • One option “Size” :  This could work but would be confusing which size we are talking about, shoe size or sock size. Still you can name the options like: “Sock 36 – Shoe 37” and that would work
  • Two options “Size” and “Size” : This is better, but still confusing as it is hard to figure out which size is referring to which product. Furthermore, Stock&Buy and some sale channels like Shopify don’t allow two options to have the same name
  • Two options “Sock – Size” , and “Shoe – Size” : This is much better, the customer knows exactly which size they are choosing when buying a bundled variant from you.


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