Change the order number sequence

This article covers the order number sequence within Stock&Buy.

Number sequencing in Stock&Buy helps you keep track of sales and purchase orders. Each time you enter a new sale or purchase order, Stock&Buy will assign the next available number from your sequence.

Default number sequencing

When you create a sale or a purchase order, Stock&Buy will automatically assign a number to it. This number is used across the system to uniquely identify the order and its related transactions. This number can be viewed in the address bar of your browser when you open an existing order.

While such a numbering scheme helps you uniquely identify orders within Stock&Buy, we highly recommend that you do not rely on it as it is not sequential and the format might change at any time.

Customize the number sequence

The sequence combines a fixed prefix, an increasing number component, and a postfix. The default sequence number starts at 0001, but you can customize it to your own needs and start at another number. Sales and purchase orders each have their own numbering.

An order number, the prefix/number combination, can only be used once for a transaction type. The automatic order numbering applies to newly created orders that have an unspecified (empty) order number.

The automated order number sequencing is available on the Enterprise plan only. You can still manually assign a custom number to your transactions but the system will not automatically increment the sequence for you.

Change the number sequence

To change the default number sequence, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Account settings
  2. Click on Branding & Customization
  3. The number sequence information is under the Order Customization section
  4. Change the sequence configuration to fit your needs
  5. At the top right corner of the screen, click Save

Once you’ve changed the sequence definition, Stock&Buy will apply the new prefix, next number and suffice to future transactions created.

The previous prefix and postfix will remain on past transactions unless they’ve been edited. Note that it is not mandatory to have a prefix or a suffix so you can leave these fields blank if you don’t want them.

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