Automatic purchase order creation

This article covers the automatic purchase order creation process within Stock&Buy.

Stock&Buy has the ability to automatically generate purchase orders from different views such as the Analytics reports.

The automatic purchase order creation is currently exposed under the Low stock report only. We will make this feature available under the other reports on future releases.
Please drop us a line if you want this capability available under other reports and we will prioritize the work accordingly.

The automated purchase order generation feature has a common workflow and user interface across all views it is exposed in. The detailed user flow is explained below:

Select Items to purchase

Select the items you would like Stock&Buy to include in the created purchase orders.

Below is an example of a selection from the Low stock report.

automatic purchase order creation

Create purchase orders

Follow these steps to automatically generate purchase orders from the low stock report:

  1. Select one or more items to reorder.
  2. A Create Purchase orders button appears at the top of the window.
  3. Click on Create Purchase orders 
  4. Selected items will automatically be grouped by their assigned supplier (under the product details view) into purchase separate orders.

Items which do not have a supplier assigned will automatically be grouped into a default purchase order linked to the first supplier in the Suppliers list. The selected default supplier can be changed using the drop down selection box on the purchase order details.

Once the purchase orders have been created, a link to each order will be shown at the top of each order view.

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