Powerful inventory management

Whether you have a brick & mortar or an online business, Stock&Buy helps you manage your inventory, orders, customers and suppliers in one place. 

We use this for – easy COGS tracking – Asset value for our P&L – tracking Purchase Orders and their deliveries – accurate forecasting – seamless Refunds and Re-stocking – Low stock and forecast reporting for accurate future POs – Xero integration for POs, stock values, refunds and sales invoices – Shopify integration for stock figures – including managing end of line products and pre-orders.
JP. Timberstyle

Inventory Management

Automatically Track your inventory, stock levels and orders across your Shopify stores from one place

Product Details

Advanced product details with support for simple and variable structures, tags, brand, supplier, images and many more

Multiple Locations

Whether you’ve got one warehouse or many, Stock&Buy has the right tools to manage your inventory across Multiple locations

Bundles – Kits

Easily assemble kits and sell them in one unit while accurately tracking the assembled parts inventory levels.

Cost tracking

Manage inventory costing with minimal effort. Track your costs and automatically update your cost of goods each time a purchase order is received

This app is one of the best investments ever! Our inventory problems have been solved.
90% of our products are bundles/composites and Stock & Buy works perfect with these type of products.
Support is awesome!

Order Management

Synchronize your orders with inventory and accounting to boost business efficiency from order to fulfillment.

Sales Orders 

Our order Management functionality makes it easy to track and fulfill orders. All your orders, inventory, customer data synced and fully integrated on one system.

Purchase Orders

Simplify your procurement process. Create, email, Track and receive stock and automatically update your inventory levels and purchased products cost.


Handle orders in as many currencies as you like. Issue Purchase/sale orders in foreign currencies and let us handle the conversion rates for you.

Cost of goods sold

Accurate inventory cost tracking using the moving average cost method. Shipping and freight costs are automatically factored into the purchased goods cost.

I am only starting my retail business, and trying to keep my overheads at an absolute minimum, so pretty much doing everything myself, sourcing manufacturers, procurement, sales, advertising, web design, etc... Not an easy job. I was initially quite sceptical about this software, thinking that all good things cost lot of money. I was terribly wrong!!! The software is good, but the customer service definitely exceeded all expectations. Every tiniest problem I had was responded to within couple of hours at the most, and system fixes applied where needed in no time. Well done, Stock&Buy! Thanks a million, and please keep up a wonderful job!
Ivana R.

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Inventory Analytics

Deep Insights into your inventory and order data

Product reports 

Gain a wealth of knowledge on the key aspects of your inventory. Product reports help you track your cost of goods and expected profits.

Order reports

Deep insights into your sales, margins and cost of goods sold. Get a better view of your potential and realized revenue.


Estimate your future sales and place purchase orders for on time to meet the demand. Prevent your products from going out of stock or from over ordering variants that aren’t selling well.

Contacts reports

Gives you an overview of your contacts including customers and suppliers. Customer aging, income by customer are examples of reports available.

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