Powerful inventory management

Whether you have a brick & mortar or an online business, Stock&Buy helps you manage your inventory, orders, customers and suppliers in one place.


This app is one of the best investments ever! Our inventory problems have been solved. 90% of our products are bundles/composites and Stock & Buy works perfect with these type of products. Support is awesome!

Tatiana, Unelefante


Simple, yet powerful set of tools built for growing businesses

Complete inventory management

Manage all your products in one central place. Stock&Buy offers a rich set of features to capture each and every details about your products.

Powerful stock control processes

Improved inventory control through automatic stock level updates whenever sales and purchases are made. Stock&Buy helps you manage your inventory across multiple warehouses, and in multiple currencies.

Your sales in one place

Stock&Buy makes it easy to track and fulfill orders. All your orders, inventory, supplier and customer data synced and fully integrated on one system. Manage invoices, shipments and payments in multiple locations and currencies

Manufacturing workflows

Lost in tracking your bill of materials in a spreadsheet? Search no more. Stock&Buy was designed from the group up to help you accurately track your manufacturing workflows.

Plan your replenishment​

Save an enormous amount of time each month by automating the reordering process. Compute the sales forecast for all of your products to predict future demand and replenish your inventory, just in time.

Work better, together

Accessible from anywhere in the world, Stock&Buy enables you to remotely get things done, together with your teammates, partners and accounting advisor

Get Better insights

Run reports on your products, sales and contacts. Track cost of goods sold and improve your inventory management by having insights into your stock movement.


… saved us an immense amount of time, effort and stress in managing e-commerce. Keep up the good work guys! we look forward to being a customer for the long term 🙂

JP, Timberstyle

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Join hundreds of users around the world using Stock&Buy to manage their businesses.
Our cloud enabled services process millions of transactions a month


…the answer to many inventory and accounting challenges I faced with a slightly complicated type of product…Now I am able to quite easily control the inventory of the packages even if the item is sold individually or in multiple other packages on the website.

Laetitia, The Confetti Post

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